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Latino Daily News

Wednesday September 21, 2011

Argentina’s President Cristina Fernández Paris Shopping Spree Includes 100K in Shoes

Argentina’s President Cristina Fernández  Paris Shopping Spree Includes 100K in Shoes

Photo: Cristina Fernández Paris shopping spree

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Cristina Fernández didn’t even leave her lavish Paris hotel to shop for the 20 pairs of Louboutin shoes she purchased ahead of her meeting with Sarkozy.

Cristina Fernández and her daughter stayed at the luxurious “George V Hotel” ($1,500-$12,500 a night) in Paris during an official visit to France ahead of flying to New York for the United Nations General Assembly today.

Before her meetings with French president Nicolas Sarkozy and other French officials, Cristina had the “George V Hotel’s Personal Shoppers” bring her several purses and pairs of shoes which she tried on in the comfort of her suite.

In addition to Louis Vuitton bags, Hermès Birkin and Kelly bag purses, the Argentine president purchased 20 pairs of Christian Louboutin shoes, at approximately $5,500 a pair.

Despite Argentina being Latin America’s No. 3 economy, growing at one of the region’s fastest rates, economists foresee high inflation to become a complex problem, and there’s political tension about Kirchner’s 2012 budget call for $5.67 billion of the central bank’s foreign-currency reserves to be used toward debt payments.

Regardless of her political detractors she is sure to look good when debating them.

Unnamed Economy Ministry sources were quoted by State news agency Telam as saying the Argentine government’s debt obligations would total some $6.8 billion next year.

The nation has also deliberately turned its back on repayment of a $100 billion debt default since 2002.

Check out Cristina’s new shoes!