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Latino Daily News

Tuesday June 24, 2014

Criminals Break Into Venezuelan Police Station to Steal Guns

A police station near Caracas was assaulted by four “heavily armed” criminals, who stole 18 handguns and seven ammunition magazines, an official spokesman told Efe Monday.

“Four individuals entered the police station…they overcame the officers who were there, beat them, tied them up and took their service weapons along with 16 handguns they found in storage and seven ammunition magazines with 17 bullets each,” Miranda state police press secretary Niumar Oropeza said.

The assailants targeted a police station in San Pedro de Los Altos, at some 35 kilometers (22 miles) from Caracas.

“One (police officer) was struck on the head, and the other, besides the blows he received, had a stress-induced breakdown, so both were taken to a clinic in Caracas,” Oropeza said.

Venezuela is one of the countries hit hardest by insecurity and violence which, according to official figures, took the lives of 11,000 people last year.


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