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Thursday August 25, 2011

Creepy is the New Disney, Guillermo del Toro Remaking The Classics

Creepy is the New Disney, Guillermo del Toro Remaking The Classics

Photo: Guillermo Del Toro

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Del Toro is remaking “Haunted Mansion,” “Pinocchio” and “Beauty and the Beast”. Could a gothic “Dumbo” be in the works? Steampunk “Brave Little Toaster” maybe?

For some 80 years, Disney has delivered its proprietary brand of Magic via an impressive roster of colorful and lovable characters who, usually prancing in lush sets, bring to life spectacularly crafted stories one memorable scene at a time.

Think “Dumbo’s” drunken spell, the spaghetti string scene in “Lady and the Tramp”, “The Bear Necessities,” any clip from “Bambi,” “Pinocchio’s” sheepish smile”…

That was before. This is after. The man behind this week’s big theatre opener “Don’t be Afraid of the Dark” is now in charge.


“Haunted Mansion” (2003) was a comedy movie starring Eddie Murphy, funny, slapsticky…..del Toro’s “Haunted Mansion”? Will scare your socks off.

Del Toro is a self-proclaimed, long-time fan of the ride “I’m trying to honor the ride, so in my mind it’s not a remake, but entirely a new approach to what I think, as a fan, the “Haunted Mansion” is. I was at the theme park the year that ride opened and I’ve been going at least twice a year since then.” In an Mtv interview, Del Toro said to have gone back to Disney’s archives for original designs on “The Haunted Mansion” and promised to revive (no pun intended) the infamous Hatbox Ghost character and give it a center role on his remake.

Del Toro also said to be working very closely with director Jon Favreau to connect his “Haunted Mansion” with Favreau’s “Magic Kingdom,” “I told Jon he could use some of the stuff and I can use some of his stuff and make it a cohesive universe. That would be fantastic.”

In the same interview, Del Toro said he started writing and is excited at the prospect of remaking “Beauty and the Beast,” with Emma Watson in the title role.

“Well, I met with Emma Watson about it because I’m very interested in doing the movie with her. She’s just perfect for the film, and we talked about the classic iteration of the tale. I love the sort of darker, beautiful, hopelessly romantic but Gothic take on the tale. We discussed this,” said the director to NYMag’s Vulture.

Disney has traditionally been a synonym with cute. With adorable. So it comes as a huge surprise that Guillermo del Toro is the man chosen to preserve the magic, doesn’t it?

Nothing against Del Toro. In fact, we are seriously looking forward to his take on “Pinocchio.”

A “Beauty and the Beast” with Señor Visionary del Toro at the helm? Our mouths water.

But the fact remains that it’s weird. Think of it the other way around. What if Disney was making a fluffy and pastel “Pan’s Labyrinth” where the labyrinth is more like a cheesy maze, the faun is an unicorn, and the Spanish conflict atmosphere was replaced by double entendre discussions between chatty candlesticks and grumpy clocks?

And… what could possibly be in the works? An Underworld “Dumbo”? Steampunk “Brave Little Toaster”?