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Latino Daily News

Monday December 16, 2013

Crazy Talk Doesn’t Get You Far:  Rubio and Cruz at Bottom of 2016 Iowa Poll

A recent Iowa poll, testing the political climate for the 2016 presidential election, does not put Latino Senators, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, in a good light.

The Iowa Poll placed the two Republican Senators almost in last place.  Each had a low 46 percent favorability rating.  Cruz garnered the highest negative opinion amongst all potential Republican candidates. 

Cruz has been blamed by many, including those inside his own party, as the key reason the government shut down in October for 16 days.  Rubio, on the other hand, has been shunned by his own party conservatives for promoting comprehensive immigration reform while being criticized by others for not doing enough to assure passage of immigration reform. 

Cruz and Rubio are affiliated with the Tea Party to differing degrees. 

The poll, which surveys both Democrats and Republicans, gauges which politician would win the Presidential election in 2016.  The poll takes into consideration anyone that has expressed an interest in running or someone who the media believes will run in 2016.

U.S. Congressmen Paul Ryan from Wisconsin is currently in a lead position amongst Republicans.  This venerable position is probably due in great part to his successful budget negotiations.  Ryan registered a 73 percent favorability rating. 

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton garnered the highest favorability rating amongst all potential presidential candidates.  Clinton received an 89 percent from Iowa Democrats


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