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Latino Daily News

Wednesday November 9, 2011

Crazy Cubano Brett Ratner Resigns Oscar Producer Gig (VIDEO)

Crazy Cubano Brett Ratner Resigns Oscar Producer Gig (VIDEO)

Photo: Brett Ratner

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Brett Ratner quit as producer of the upcoming Oscars, after a series of foot-in-the-mouth comments about the LGBT community, Latinos, his sex life and Hollywood personalities while promoting the film “Tower Heist.”

Brett Ratner has issued a letter to the Entertainment industry explaining why he has decided to resign as producer of the Academy Awards.

In the letter, the director of the ‘Rush Hour’ series basically wholeheartedly apologizes for using the three letter f-word at the end of “…Rehearsing? Rehearsing is for…” at the screening of “Tower Heist,” but nowhere in the letter does Ratner address all the other people and communities he might have offended while promoting his timely Wall Street honcho caper.

On different interviews promoting “Tower Heist”, Ratner discussed uncomfortable details on his Hollywood sex life with Olivia Munn and Lindsey Lohan.  Later, the director/producer delved into the disturbing details of his Latino experience in the video/radio interview below, with comments like “…You know I am Cuban, my heart is in the Dominican Republic, that’s where I lost my virginity at the age of 13”

He goes on to complain about the skin tone of all the prospects presented to him the day he lost his flower to merengue classic “El Africano,” a song he put in the score of “Tower Heist”. Classy.

Watch the video below for more Ratner.