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Latino Daily News

Thursday October 14, 2010

Court Rules Arizona’s Sheriff Arpaio Violated Detainees Rights

In Arizona, Maricopa Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been found, by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, to be violating the constitutional rights of his detainees by holding them in overcrowded and dangerous conditions, and feeding them inadequate and often moldy food.

Wednesday’s ruling also ordered that all detainees must have access to bathrooms, toilet paper, medical care and uninterrupted access to medications prescribed by jail doctors.

The 9th Circuit upheld the American Civil Liberties Union’s argument from August of 2008 saying that federal oversight was needed at Maricopa’s jails. Arpaio, who is often called the Toughest Sheriff in America, and the Maricopa County Supervisors have been sued a number of times over the conditions of the prison and for the poor treatment of detainees.