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Latino Daily News

Tuesday December 24, 2013

Court Official Assasinated in Guatemala

An official of a Guatemalan court that hears gender violence cases was gunned down in this capital, authorities said Monday.

A police spokesperson told reporters that Willian Cardona, 27, died at the scene of the attack.

The incident occurred in La Ruedita, a poor neighborhood on Guatemala City’s west side controlled by youth gangs and other criminal elements, authorities said.

Police said that “this was not a direct attack” against Cardona, because none of his belongings were stolen.

Weeks before, however, he had received death threats from unidentified individuals, his family said.

Cardona worked for one of the five Guatemalan courts where crimes of violence against women are tried, and which over the past year has handed down more than 50 sentences against abusive males.

An average of 17 people are slain every day in Guatemala, making this country one of the most violent in Latin America.


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