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Latino Daily News

Monday July 16, 2012

Court Documents Reveal Sexual Molestation Accusations Against George Zimmerman

Court Documents Reveal Sexual Molestation Accusations Against George Zimmerman

Photo: Sexual Molestation Accusation against George Zimmerman

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The most recent court documents released to the public on the murder trial of George Zimmerman have uncovered sexual misconduct charges from a childhood friend against Zimmerman when he was younger. 

According to the New York Times, the alleged abuse started when Zimmerman was eight and the female, known as Witness 9, was 6 years old.  The sexual misconduct continued until their teen years and ceased when the girl was 16 years-old and her parents became involved.  The sexual molestation involved forced kissing, groping and vaginal penetration with his hands. 

The unidentified witness, a resident of Orlando, was interviewed by authorities investigating the February 26th shooting of African-American teen, Trayvon Martin, by neighborhood watchman Zimmerman.  The woman’s parent decided not to pursue charges feeling the case would not be prosecuted.

This same witness also accuses Zimmerman of being biased against black people especially if “they don’t act like white” documents reveal.  Zimmerman whose mother is Latino is facing second-degree murder charges for the shooting of Martin; he is claiming self-defense.

Zimmerman’s attorney’s have been fighting the release of court documents because they feel their client will not be able to get a fair trial and the information will unfairly portrait Zimmerman.