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Latino Daily News

Monday January 30, 2012

Couple Suing Celebrity Wedding Planner David Tutera for Ruining Their Dominican Wedding

Couple Suing Celebrity Wedding Planner David Tutera for Ruining Their Dominican Wedding

Photo: Hector Santana (left) and Wendylee Perez (2nd from right) are suing David Tutera (right) for ruining their wedding

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Celebrity wedding planner and reality show star David Tutera is being sued by a New York couple who say they were extremely disappointed by the lack of care given to them and their Dominican wedding.

Hector Santana and Wendylee Perez say the star of “My Fair Wedding” failed to provide them with the agreed upon service after tripling the cost of parts of their wedding.

In their lawsuit, the couple stated, “Due to the defendant’s arrogant and heartless actions, plaintiffs have been harmed personally and financially.”

Perez and Santana say that they had no idea Tutera would not be joining them in the Dominican Republic for their 2010 wedding, and only learned of his absence after arriving in the country. They also say that after Tutera brought the cost of their wedding reception from $10,000 to $30,000, he failed to provide wedding basics, including invitations, a cake, a DJ, and flowers.

This is not the first time Tutera has been sued by an angry couple. In March 2011, he reached a settlement with a couple he was supposed to be planning a wedding for in Sinagapore. That case was settled out of court, but he has once again angered a pair looking to him to give them their dream wedding.

Instead of planning their wedding, Perez and Santana say Tutera was busy filming his reality show.

As for being a no-show in the Dominican, Tutera claims that he informed the couple that he would not be joining them, as he had a sick relative in the hospital.

However, the couple say they were only told he was not going to be there when they arrived in the Dominican the day before their wedding.

The Manhattan-based event planner is known for his reality show and for being a party planner to the stars, including Jennifer Lopez and Elton John.