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Latino Daily News

Wednesday January 30, 2013

Couple Gunned Down, Baby Wounded in Puerto Rico

Couple Gunned Down, Baby Wounded in Puerto Rico

Photo: Violence in Puerto Rico

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A man and a woman were murdered and a 1-year-old baby was seriously wounded in a new criminal incident in the central Puerto Rican town of Cayey bringing to 63 the island’s homicide total so far in 2013.

Police said that the killings occurred in the Montellano neighborhood of Cayey, where Juan Claudio Torres, who had a criminal record for gun possession and murder, and his wife Denisse Torres Rodriguez, were shot to death.

The pair were gunned down as they were getting into a vehicle and were surprised by several individuals who opened fire on them.

During the incident, the baby the couple had with them was also shot in the left thigh.

The child underwent surgery for the through-and-through bullet wound, according to Dr. Israel Ayala of Puerto Rico’s Medical Services Administration.