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Latino Daily News

Tuesday October 29, 2013

Counterfeit Capital of the World Peru Seizes More than $4 Million in Fake Currency Headed to U.S.

Peruvian police on Tuesday arrested a man who planned to travel to the United States with more than $4 million in counterfeit greenbacks and euros.

The head of the police Bribery Division, Col. Segundo Portocarrero, said the $3.7 million in phony $100 bills and a smaller quantity of counterfeit 20-, 50- and 100-euro notes were seized at an inn located in the northern Lima district of Comas after a four-month-long investigation.

“This kind of work is being done in temporarily rented locations, for example (rented) for 15 days or two months, ... to print the false bills” and to finalize other parts of the scheme, he told reporters.

Authorities identified the arrested man as Pablo Sierra Gomez and said they were looking other people who might be implicated in the case.

U.S. government officials said in September that Peru had become the world’s No. 1 country producing counterfeit currency.

Peruvian police in recent years have seized more than $100 million in fake dollars.


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