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Tuesday March 15, 2011

Could The Lost City of Atlantis Be Buried in Spain? (VIDEO)

Could The Lost City of Atlantis Be Buried in Spain? (VIDEO)

Photo: Dr Richard Freund Claims To have Found Atlantis

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Dr. Richard Freund of the University of Hartford, thinks he might have found the lost city of Atlantis, buried deep within a swamp in the south of Spain.

Freund, who is the director of the university’s Greenberg Center for Judaic Studies, worked hand in hand with a team of Spanish, American and Canadian scientists to analyze a mud-filled swamp in Spain.

A German scientist looking at satellite photos in 2003 first pointed out that the site could be a possible location for the lost city.Image

While observing satellite photos, the German scientist saw what looked like a circular structure with a straight line attached to it.

“Google Earth is one of the great archaeological tools today,” Freund said of the satellite image. Pointing to the circular structure, he said: “That doesn’t happen naturally.”

Other team members observed that the structures visible on the satellite images fitted the description of the island of three concentric circles with only one entrance in and out outlined by Plato in his writings about Atlantis from about 360 B.C.

Plato also wrote that Atlantis was located near the “Pillars of Hercules,” which we know today is the Strait of Gibraltar.

Since the mid-nineties, Freund has been using oil and gas exploration technologies to examine sites before excavation.

“We map the subsurface, it’s like an MRI for the ground.” he said.

“By shooting electricity into the ground, we’re able to distinguish between different types of material. This type of technology can map the entire subsurface instead of digging. ... It’s a form of non-invasive archaeology.”

A new National Geographic Channel film called “Finding Atlantis,” (premiering on March 13 at 9pm) documents Freund’s 2009 expedition and his team’s discoveries.

The National Geographic film also examines other sites around the world that claim to be the remnants of Atlantis, including one in Greece. But Freund believes that Atlantis would have to be near the Strait of Gibraltar because of Plato’s meticulous description.

“This quacks like a duck and looks like a duck,” he said, adding that National Geographic told him “you’ve got the best evidence.”