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Latino Daily News

Saturday November 9, 2013

Could Late Night TV Get Any Worse? Ted Cruz Makes His Debut

Could Late Night TV Get Any Worse? Ted Cruz Makes His Debut

Photo: Ted Cruz

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Last night Republican Texas Senator Ted Cruz made his late night talk show debut on Jay Leno’s ‘Tonight Show.’  We assume Cruz was there to share his vitriol, not wanting to keep it inside the confines of Capital Hill. We are just not sure why Leno would extend an invitation to such a controversial figure who is less than entertaining and such a rage-a-holic.

Luckily for late night viewer’s Cruz’ extreme right-wing father, Pastor Rafael Cruz, was merely discussed and not invited.  A man pickled in his own hate with a tolerance problem would not make for a very entertaining guest. Senator Cruz said of his father, who is urging Obama to return to Kenya, “My dad has been my hero my whole life.”

Need we say more?

The junior senator who has made a name for himself shutting down the government, continuously dissing Obamacare and being an obstructionist for the sake of obstruction was marginally entertaining. Cruz was the victor here seeing that he was given a prime-time audience to get to know him better.  The darling of the Tea party and other extreme right Republicans is seen as a viable presidential candidate - well okay maybe a viable candidate for the mentally unmoored.

Check out the video where Cruz does not disappoint other cultural and social regressives discussing his opposition to gay marriage. 


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