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Latino Daily News

Wednesday October 26, 2011

Costa Rica Considering Eliminating Airbags in Vehicles

Costa Rica Considering Eliminating Airbags in Vehicles

Photo: Costa Rico Considering Eliminating Airbags in Vehicles

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Earlier this year, transport officials became divided over the topic of airbags in vehicles in the country.

Though the requirement, that all vehicles entering the country must have at least two airbags has been around since 2008, some transit officials are pushing to reverse that decision, claiming airbags are actually not safe.

However, the President of Costa Rica’s automotive association, the Cámara Costarricense Automotriz (CCA), says seat belts save lives 65 percent of the time, and if the vehicle has airbags, the percentage of lives saved increases another 15 percent.

But despite the CCA requiring all vehicles to have airbags, Costa Ricans and residents are still required to retrofit their vehicles with them.

According to a legislative commission’s October 10 decision, those with vehicles already in Costa Rica will not be required to put the airbags in their cars, though any cars coming into the country will be required to.

Along with the new airbag law, the committee decided that previous jail terms and fines for drunk drivers were not too harsh, as some had suggested, and will remain.