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Latino Daily News

Wednesday November 9, 2011

Costa Rican Nat’l Soccer Team on the Taxman’s Radar for Irregularities

Costa Rican Nat’l Soccer Team on the Taxman’s Radar for Irregularities

Photo: Costa Rica’s Tax Authorities Investigating Soccer Federation

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Costa Rica’s Ministry of Finance raided the nation’s Soccer Federation looking for proof that the federation withheld information about revenue from ‘friendly’ matches.

FEDEFUTBOL, Costa Rica’s soccer federation was raided by tax officials who seized piles of documents in attempts to prove that the federation lied about how much money they made at a friendly match against Argentina in March, attended by some 35,000 fans.

Finance Minister Fernando Herrero said that the reports turned in by FEDEFUTBOL about the Argentina match and a few others aren’t authentic, and lack clarity. Tax authorities believe financial documentation was concealed from authorities.

Costa Rica, ever the soccer loving country, assured fans the current investigation won’t have an impact on the friendly match between Costa Rica and Spain this Saturday.

FEDEFUTBOL President Eduardo Li called the investigation a “media show” and said the federation turned in all necessary accurate information in a timely manner.

In the last couple of weeks, tax authorities have shut down more than 80 business for “tax irregularities”, including the franchised chain stores of Hallmark greeting cards and fashion retailer Oscar de la Renta.