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Latino Daily News

Wednesday August 6, 2014

Costa Rica Arrests 2 Men Carrying Over $1 Million Concealed in Truck

Costa Rica Arrests 2 Men Carrying Over $1 Million Concealed in Truck

Photo: Crime news

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Costa Rican authorities announced Tuesday the arrest of a man and his son, both Costa Rican citizens, who were intending to enter the country from Nicaragua carrying more than $1 million in cash hidden inside a truck.

The Drug Control Police, or PCD, at the Peñas Blancas border crossing point arrested a 57-year-old man with the surname Davila Ponce and his 29-year-old son and seized a total of $1,116,840 in cash.

The incident occurred last Saturday during a routine vehicle check by the PCD in which they found the cash hidden in the truck’s spare tires, the Security Ministry said Tuesday in a communique.

“The van was registered in the name of Davila Ponce, who has no criminal record, and the only thing his son has (in Costa Rica) is a (traffic) violation,” authorities said, adding that the younger man is a fugitive from Salvadoran justice wanted on drug trafficking charges.

“He came in hidden in the cab of the van driven by his father after fleeing from Salvadoran authorities, who last Friday found 102 kilograms of cocaine on board another van he was driving,” the ministry said.

Apparently, the son abandoned that other van in El Salvador after entering that country from Honduras and before it could be checked with a scanner by local authorities.

The two men are being held and face charges linked to bringing illicitly obtained assets into the country, which in Costa Rica is punishable with a maximum of 20 years behind bars.

So far this year, Costa Rican authorities have seized almost $2 million stemming from illicit activities.


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