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Latino Daily News

Friday November 18, 2011

Cops thwart theft of ATM from Venezuelan fire station

Six armed assailants took an automatic teller machine from a fire station north of the Venezuelan capital, but police were alerted in time to chase down the pickup truck that was carrying the ATM and two of the robbers.

The theft took place shortly after dawn Thursday at the central station of the Vargas state fire department, where four armed robbers pulled up on two motorcycles and another two in the pickup on which they loaded the ATM, fire department officials told Efe.

Fireman Nelson Muñoz said that the ATM, installed some three months ago, mainly “for the benefit of the more than 200 firefighters” who come to the station every day, was tipped over on the ground and removed by the thieves using “their own tools.”

He said that two of the men who were on watch when the robbers arrived were tied separately to the two columns at each end of the room, but since their legs weren’t tied down they were able to kick certain objects within reach and wake their sleeping fellow firefighters, who called the cops.

The two assailants speeding away with the ATM, that they never managed to open, were overtaken on the expressway between Vargas and Caracas and were arrested after an exchange of shots that left no casualties, one of the officers told the daily El Universal