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Latino Daily News

Tuesday July 12, 2011

COPA AMERICA UPDATE: Messi Awake at Last While Maradona Crashes! (VIDEO)

The Argentines beat Costa Rica 3-0 in Copa America and passed to the next round, 2 points behind the group leader, Colombia.

Wednesday’s game could have seen the Copa América host team eliminated and in the last position of their group, had Costa Rica managed to get the ball more than twice.

It was perhaps knowing this that inspired Leo Messi to play his best game with the Argentine team to date.

Despite not being able to score, it was clear that the phenom was back to his usual self, comfortable, tranquil, and deadly with the ball; every goal though not kicked in by him, hit the net with Messi’s signature embedded in it.

Tremendously generous, Messi fed countless clear goal opportunities to Gonzalo Higuaín who was just not having the best of nights, and where at least 7 scoring opportunities were wasted. But unstoppable and with his usual unbelievable skill, Leo passed the ball to Agüero and Di María so both of them just tapped it in.

Former Argentina #10 and coach Diego Maradona had to watch the game from the hospital, as he was involved in a minor car crash with his partner prior to the game. Apparently the couple collided with a bus and though they weren’t gravely hurt, they went to the hospital just to be safe. 

The Argentina team has to wait for the results of tonight’s game to see who they’ll face in quarter finals, it won’t be an easy game either Perú, Uruguay or Chile.

But if the blue and white striped team and the best soccer player in the world play like they played last night through the rest of the Copa América, they have it in the bag.



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