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Latino Daily News

Thursday September 1, 2011

NM Trooper & Dog Involved in Trooper-Sex-On-Car Case IDed. Both Latinos.

NM Trooper & Dog Involved in Trooper-Sex-On-Car Case IDed. Both Latinos.

Photo: Bert López, and the chihuahua eye-witness

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Officer Bert López has been named as the officer who was photographed having sex in full uniform, while the doggie watching has been IDed as being a Chihuahua.

2010’s Santa Fe District ‘Officer of the Year’ Bert López has been placed on paid administrative leave after superiors identified him as the officer caught by surveillance cameras having a quickie in broad daylight and while in full uniform.

An unidentified county employee saw the images of López and the woman, and took them to the Santa Fe County sheriff, in an effort to identify to which police agency belonged the uniform worn by the man in the picture.

“I was asked to identify what agency the officer belonged to, and I was happy to say it wasn’t one of my guys,” Sheriff Garcia said. “Then, as a courtesy to state police, we took the images we had to the Chief’s office.”

New Mexico State Police Chief Robert Shilling would not release the identity of the officer in the photos, but multiple sources confirmed to “The New Mexican” the identity of the officer placed in paid leave, and the identity of the curious animal watching the scene as Chihuahua.

Nobody has been charged with a crime in connection with the incident; there is no evidence that the sexual encounter had anything to do with López’s police duties.

We think the Chihuahua was a little traumatized, but was probably given treats, to help him forget what he saw.