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Latino Daily News

Sunday February 12, 2012

Controversial Ad Selling Baby for Its Organs in Mexico Pulled

Controversial Ad Selling Baby for Its Organs in Mexico Pulled

Photo: Mercado Libre Lists Baby for Sale

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An apparent attempt to sell a baby on the MercadoLibre Web site has sparked indignation and heated controversy on social networks and has forced the company to deny its responsibility in the matter.

The ad that appeared on the Web site said “Beautiful Baby On Sale For Organs…What You Need Is Urgent!” The message was soon uploaded to the social network Twitter and became a Trend Topic for several hours this Friday.

MercadoLibre, a company that facilitates online buying and selling among individuals, said in a communique that the advertisement “was taken down immediately and the user was eliminated from the community, because such a message is not permitted on the portal.”

The Web site issued a note in “answer to the concern expressed by different media and by society in general.”

According to the media, the ad showed the vendor to be located in the Mexican capital and set a down payment of 20,000 pesos (some $1,570) and a period of nine days to make an offer.

Twitter users expressed their indignation and rejection after one of the tweeters passed the word along about the ad.

Users of the social network uniformly repudiated the offer with tweets like “sickie sells baby and its organs on MercadoLibre”...“They can’t do this! It’s outrageous!”...“the filthiest of society sells baby on MercadoLibre.”

The online company said its conditions establish that “the offer and/or sale of persons, human bodies, corpses, organs, human members or remains are prohibited.”

It also repeated its commitment to society and collaboration with the authorities to preserve an Internet community “that users can access with confidence while honoring their values and the law.”

MercadoLibre said it exercises constant vigilance to eliminate from the site any articles that go against its policies.