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Latino Daily News

Wednesday May 23, 2012

Constructing “HeelCondoms” Reduces Sentences For Puerto Rican Inmates

Constructing “HeelCondoms” Reduces Sentences For Puerto Rican Inmates

Photo: The HeelCondoms concept

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Inmates at Vega Alta women’s prison in Puerto Rico are reducing their sentences thanks to their daily work of sewing “HeelCondoms,” colorful and varied accessories that fit onto the heels of women’s shoes.

Puerto Rican creator Sandrysabel Ortiz, who in late 2010 became known for her design and marketing of HeelCondoms, told Efe on Tuesday that by sewing the product female inmates can reduce their sentences by 10 days for every month of work.

The inmates who labor in the sewing workshop at the Vega Alta prison also receive $5 paid by the designer for each day of work.

HeelCondoms can be slipped over the heels of women’s shoes (i.e. like a condom) to completely change their original appearance without the need to buy a new pair.

“When I learned that the women in the Vega Alta prison were devoting themselves to sewing uniforms, I got in contact with the Corrections Department to present them with my proposal,” said the 24-year-old Ortiz.

The businesswoman, who until now had been having HeelCondoms produced in China to save on costs, said that after striking the agreement with the prison she will now provide more work to the facility and its inmates.

She said that the prisoners’ work quality is extraordinary and that they are thrilled to be taking part in an innovative project like HeelCondoms.