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Latino Daily News

Thursday July 8, 2010

Conservative Latino’s In Utah?

Conservative Latino’s In Utah?

Photo: Flickr Sarowen

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Hoping to tap into a currently little recognized source- Latino advocates in Utah look to have a major influence in local politics.  Looking to the 23 percent of eligible Latino voters who have never registered to vote and the 10-15 percent who are registered but do not vote, hopes are to oust several lawmakers on the state level.  Specifically lawmakers who are trying to pass a law in Utah similar to SB 1070 in Arizona.
Proyecto Latino de Utah Director Tony Yapias says that,” “The general voter in Utah, even though they’re conservative, they’re more compassionate,” Yapias says, “and I believe they are the ones that are going to vote some of these legislators out.”

The important distinction is that although many conservatives, regardless of ethnicity, do not support illegal immigration, they do seek a humane way to deal with the immigrants already here.

One concerned politician is Rep Stephen Sandstrum who says he is not deterred by Obama’s suit against the Arizona law but rather, he is “full steam ahead” on introducing his Utah legislation.


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