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Latino Daily News

Sunday December 1, 2013

Juan Orlando Hernandez Declared Honduras President, Defeating Former First Lady

Juan Orlando Hernandez Declared Honduras President, Defeating Former First Lady

Photo: Juan Orlando Hernandez

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Conservative Juan Orlando Hernandez, the candidate of the governing National Party, has been declared the winner of the presidential election held last week in Honduras, election officials said.

Hernandez won 36.8 percent of the vote, while former first lady Xiomara Castro, of the leftist Liberty and Refounding Party, or Libre, garnered 28.79 percent, the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, or TSE, said.

The final results were released on Saturday, six days after the election was held in the Central American country.

“As a result, the winner of the elections at the presidential level is attorney Juan Orlando Hernandez Alvarado, of the National Party of Honduras,” TSE chairman David Matamoros told radio and television networks.

Matamoros did not say what percentage of the ballots were counted to achieve the final result.

The TSE will continue “with the counts at the level of National Congress legislators and municipal entities, following the established technical and legal rules,” Matamoros said.

The Libre party said it would ask the TSE on Sunday for a review of hundreds of allegedly defective ballots.

Castro is the wife of President Mel Zelaya, who was ousted in a June 28, 2009, coup.

Honduras, unlike some other Latin American nations, does not require an absolute majority for victory.

Honduras has the world’s highest murder rate, but last Sunday’s voting was largely peaceful, though five people were gunned down nearing a polling place.


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