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Latino Daily News

Saturday January 7, 2012

Companions Chain 71-Year-Old Man to Bed to Get Him to Stop Drinking

Municipal police freed a 71-year-old man, apparently an alcoholic, who had been chained to his bed in Mexicali, capital of the northwestern Mexican state of Baja California.

Local media said Friday that the man had been drinking alcoholic beverages since Dec. 22 and refused to stop, so his companion chained him up to stop the boozing.

According to reports, agents of the Mexicali police force’s Domestic Violence Unit, or UVI, rushed to the scene at the urging of the septuagenarian’s son.

Neighbors tipped off the son that his father needed help, and when he went into the house he found his dad chained up like someone “in the brig of a pirate ship,” the report said.

Police notified the state Attorney General’s Office to continue the investigation, while the elderly man was sent to a public hospital to have the state of his health examined.