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Latino Daily News

Saturday October 5, 2013

Comedy Based on Sofia Vergara’s Life Coming to ABC

Comedy Based on Sofia Vergara’s Life Coming to ABC

Photo: Sofia Vergara and Manolo

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ABC is developing a comedic TV series on the life and times of Sofia Vergara as a single mother.  The series ‘Raising Mom’ is being developed by ABC, home to the award-winning ‘Modern Family’ series in which Vergara stars.

In real life the 41-year-old Colombian actress is mother to 21-year-old Manolo that she raised as a single mother after divorcing at age 20. 

The show was developed by Vergara’s production company Latin World Entertainment.  This is one of a series of projects Vergara and her business partner in Latin World, Luis Balaguer, have developed and successfully pitched.  Most recently Fox agreed to partner with Vergara on a TV comedy ‘Speak America’ that centers around the life of a Latina teacher who helps students get rid of their accents. 

The actress’ latest film project ‘Machete Kills’ premiered this week.  Vergara plays the role of Madame Desdemona.


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