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Latino Daily News

Saturday May 3, 2014

Comedian Roberto Gomez Bolaños, Chespirito,  in Critical Condition

Comedian Roberto Gomez Bolaños, Chespirito,  in Critical Condition

Photo: Roberto Gomez Bolaños, Chespirito

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Comedian Roberto Gomez Bolaños, known as Chespirito, is in critical condition with no hope of recovery, Mexican daily Basta said, citing sources close to the family.

Recent weeks have seen periodical reports about the 85-year-old actor’s deteriorating health, but on Monday his son said that, despite the aches and pains of old age, he remains active and in good humor.

Basta said that, according to people near the family, Gomez Bolaños “is in grave but stable condition.”

The same unidentified sources said that doctors have told the family “there no longer exists any hope of recovery, so that everyone fears the worst and is preparing for it.”

Chespirito remains at his home in Cancun, and though he has “several problems, a little of everything,” he has not been hospitalized, son Roberto Gomez Fernandez said earlier this week.

“They are respiratory problems as well as trouble with walking, with mobility. Those are the two things that keep him confined indoors in Cancun,” the actor’s son said.

Gomez Bolaños played several very famous TV characters including “El Chavo del Ocho” and “Chapulin Colorado.”


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