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Latino Daily News

Friday February 10, 2012

Colombian Hen May Break Guinness Record with 245-gram Egg (VIDEO)

Colombian Hen May Break Guinness Record with 245-gram Egg (VIDEO)

Photo: Hernando Nino proudly displays his hen's giant egg.

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“We are looking to break the Guinness Record in Creole hen eggs. In China they were 175 grams in China, 135 grams in Mexico, but ours is almost a quarter of a kilo,” stated Hernando Nino. Nino, a farmer and owner of the Altamira ranch in Colombia, states that his hen “Franciscana” has become his pride and joy.

The farmer was displaced by the constant violence and the military conflicts from his native Santander to the center of Colombia, where the ranch was created two decades ago. The farm is a pioneer in food self-sufficiency the exclude the use of any chemicals. “Franciscana is an ordinary chicken… eats like any other: corn and other natural foods,” stated Nino.

The farm also produces most foods necessary in a balanced diet accompanied by a variety of medicinal and aromatic plants. They also produce vegetables, milk, dairy products, chicken, and many eggs. Nino goes as far as comparing his organic farm to the development programs of the NGO Corporation Colombia Organic. They also receive many visits from school children due to their training farmers program.

So how did Franciscana lays this whopper of an egg?  Nino simply states, “In a place as special as Altamira, it is not so strange that my hen laid an egg that large.”

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