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Latino Daily News

Tuesday November 30, 2010

Colorado’s AZ-style Immigration Law Could be Ready for Consideration by January

Despite likely Democratic interference in the State Senate, Republican members of Colorado’s state and local government have been working on a bill almost identical to Arizona’s controversial SB 1070. 

Arizona’s law made it a crime to not carry proper immigration documentation at all times, and gave authorities power to detain people suspected to be in the country unlawfully, a power previously reserved for federal government officials. The outcry from immigrant rights groups and civil liberties organizations resulted in a number of lawsuits against the state, and has since put parts of SB 1070 on hold, but Colorado officials say they are not writing their law any differently.

In fact, Senator Kent Lambert says Colorado’s Arizona-like bill is not being written with an attempt to avoid lawsuits at all. He and others are fully expecting the bill to bring on lawsuits should it be passed.

The proposal is expected to be ready to present to the legislature in January, when the next session begins.