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Latino Daily News

Tuesday August 9, 2011

Colombia’s National Soccer Coach QUITS After Punching Female Heckler Who Was Also His Date (VIDEO)

Colombia’s National Soccer Coach QUITS After Punching Female Heckler Who Was Also His Date (VIDEO)

Photo: Hernán Darío “El Bolillo” Gómez

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Hernán Darío “El Bolillo” Gómez has voluntarily quit after a wave of criticism for punching a woman outside a Bogotá bar.

After several unconfirmed versions of an altercation in front of a bar involving the Colombian National Soccer team’s coach surfaced Monday, Hernán Darío “El Bolillo” Gómez has voluntarily resigned his post.

The victim had been at the bar with the married coach, and at the end of the night, highly intoxicated, she began heckling him on soccer issues, and the poor performance of the team in the last Copa America.

Gómez allegedly lost his cool after several minutes of intense drunken heckling, and punched the woman between 2 and 4 times in the face “as if she was another man” according to witnesses.

Police say they have not yet received a complaint, and it is dubious whether charges will be pressed, but public opinion, and netizens heavily condemn the coach’s behavior, and the tidal wave of comments bashing him, and suggesting that he was getting a kinder treatment than the soccer player who kicked an owl a few months ago, were enough to make him quit his post.

“After a profound personal reflection and looking after the benefit of the nation, the soccer team, the federation, the sponsors and assuming the consequences of his acts, Hernán Darío Gómez Jaramillo has resigned his post as coach of the National Soccer Team,” said the Colombian Soccer Federation in a statement.

Gómez himself has not provided any public statements, other than a small press release in which he lamented the incident and “having lost control in the way that I did.”  He deemed his own behavior as “unacceptable” and will “take every measure necessary to avoid acts like this to be repeated in the future.”