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Latino Daily News

Wednesday January 18, 2012

Colombia’s FARC Now Selling Cows to Fund Operations

Colombia’s FARC Now Selling Cows to Fund Operations

Photo: Colombia's FARC Now Selling Cows to Fund Operations

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In an attempt to increase its funding, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) have begun selling cattle.

With limited income from their cocaine trafficking, FARC is now selling cattle to increase its resources.

For more than five decades, Colombia has been fighting its war on drugs, but drug traffickers have made so much money that buying off law enforcement and government officials has allowed them to continue their business.

FARC’s is the longest running rebellion in South America’s history, and while it is weaker than it has been in years, it is still continuing its attacks, including detonating a bomb in the Catatumbo in Norte de Santander province.

The organization has suggested that it is ready for peace, but Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos stated, “The government does not have any indication nor demonstration at this time that can convince us of the good will of the other party in reaching a peace agreement.”