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Latino Daily News

Monday December 2, 2013

Colombians Bake ‘World’s Largest Pound Cake’

Colombians Bake ‘World’s Largest Pound Cake’

Photo: Falabella

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More than 180 Colombians prepared a 606.6-meter (664-yard) pound cake in Bogota over the weekend, setting a Guinness record for the world’s biggest pound cake and easily breaking the old mark of 500 meters.

Guinness World Records representative Kimberly Patrick certified the record on Sunday in Colombia’s capital.

The event’s organizers, Chilean retailer Falabella and cookie company Ramo, distributed 10,000 slices of the cake with green frosting to the public.

Both children and adults enjoyed the cake at a location on the bikeway north of the capital, where streets are closed so residents can enjoy sports and the outdoors on Sundays.

Bakers used 2,000 kilos (2.2 tons) of flour, nearly 2,000 kilos of sugar and margarine, 30,000 eggs and 2,000 kilos of green icing to make the huge cake.

The event was part of Falabella’s celebration of its 7th anniversary in Colombia.


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