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Latino Daily News

Saturday April 27, 2013

Colombian Teen Hit-Man Confesses to more Than 30 Assassinations

Colombian Teen Hit-Man Confesses to more Than 30 Assassinations

Photo: Andres Leonardo Achipiz

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A 19-year-old Colombian teenage hired gun told police he committed more than 30 murders in Bogota, most between the ages of 11 and 16, blaming his crimes on his family’s economic plight and the violence he endured at the hands of his father.

“Seeing the powerlessness when I heard my parents saying they didn’t have money for the rent and didn’t know how they were going to get it” led him to become a gang enforcer, Andres Leonardo Achipiz told Caracol Television Friday.

Referring to the physical abuse, he said his father would resort to “physical blows, humiliation, because of having to work so hard to support six children,” adding that repressed anger led him to consider doing harm to others.

Achipiz said his first victim was an individual who had stolen his cellphone at knifepoint and that after several other killings criminals began hiring him.

He said he eventually became a full-time enforcer, estimating that he murdered a total of 32 or 33 people.

Achipiz, who committed his last homicide in November 2012, was arrested on Monday and could be sentenced to up to 30 years in prison if convicted, a spokesman for the Bogota police force told Efe Friday.

Police have evidence that he carried out eight murders, and Achipiz admitted to those crimes at a court hearing this week, the spokesman said.

The jailed suspect, who asked forgiveness of the family members of his victims, said he hopes his three-year-old son is raised far from the life of crime he chose.