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Latino Daily News

Tuesday October 18, 2011

Colombian Students Call for a “Kiss-a-Thon” Protest to Demand Quality Public Education

Students from Colombia’s National University are calling for a kissing march, a kiss-a-thon, for a free, quality public education.

A group of students has used the social network Facebook, to call for a kiss-a-thon. “Education is not an exclusive privilege of the ruling class. This is why we are calling you to help us show the love we have for education, and what better way to doing so than kissing?” said the group on their Facebook page.

“Those of you who don’t have anyone to kiss, will surely find someone there,” the group predicts.

The group said that for the shy people, a big hug is also valid; they will meet tomorrow at 4 pm, and will kiss until 4:30. The march could become a giant “chain of kissers” if enough people show up, according to the event organizers.

Kiss-a-Thons, and other creative ways of marching and protesting have been widely used by students in Colombia and Chile, who seek an end to corporation-like education systems, as well as institutionalizing free and quality education for everyone regardless of financial status.