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Latino Daily News

Friday February 25, 2011

Colombian Senator Announces Referendum to Stop Bull-Fighting in Colombia

Senator Camilo Sánchez said that 95% of Colombians are against animal cruelty therefore he wants to stop all of bull-fighting in Colombia.

His referendum proposition would outlaw bull-fighting throughout the Colombian territory, just as it happened in Cataluña, Spain.

Sánchez said that cruelty against all animals must stop, “we are against the circuses that mistreat animals, we are against dog and cock fighting, we are against all this latent cruelty.”  According to Sánchez, there are only 7 nations in the world—Colombia among them, where animal cruelty and bull-fighting is still accepted.

“Our opposition is going to find it really hard to contend an initiative that 95% of Colombians who are all convinced that we have to rise awareness not only about our animals, but about the environment in general.” Said Sánchez, who is expected to start collecting signatures for his referendum in the next few days.