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Latino Daily News

Friday May 4, 2012

Colombian Prostitute at Center of U.S. Secret Service Scandal Calls Agents “Idiots”

Colombian Prostitute at Center of U.S. Secret Service Scandal Calls Agents “Idiots”

Photo: Colombian Prostitute at Center of U.S. Secret Service Scandal Calls Agents "Idiots"

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The Colombian prostitute at the center of a sex scandal involving U.S. Secret Service agents at last month’s Summit of the Americas broke her silence Friday about the men involved.

“They’re a bunch of idiots,” Dania Londoño said in an exclusive interview with Bogota’s La W Radio, her first since the incident.

A total of 12 Secret Service agents who were in the northern Colombian city of Cartagena to prepare the way for President Barack Obama’s arrival on April 13 are implicated in the scandal and at least nine of them have been dismissed for hiring prostitutes, according to The Washington Post.

Londoño, a 25-year-old single mother, said she spent the night with one of those agents after agreeing to have sex with him for $800.

The woman said she didn’t know the man accompanying her, whose name she said she does not recall, was a member of Obama’s advance security detail.

“The guy slept all night,” Londoño said, adding that if she had known he was a Secret Service agent she “would’ve asked him a ton of questions.”

Londoño said she met him at a club while chatting with two other people, including another sex worker, and that neither the American nor his fellow agents ever showed their badges or identified themselves as members of the Secret Service.

“He was like any other gringo, in good shape,” Londoño said, adding that after the scandal broke she left the country and spent a few days in Dubai to escape the media crush.

The woman said the group of U.S. agents at the bar “were extremely drunk and asking for liquor ... having a good time,” although she said she never heard them ask for illegal drugs.

“They were just drinking alcohol and dancing,” she said, recalling that the man she spent the night with was dancing a bit wildly and trying to impress women.

Londoño said he asked her for sex and that she accepted but made him agree to pay her a “little gift” of $800.

The woman said he then took her to the Hotel Caribe, where he was staying with other U.S. Secret Service agents, and that she was still there the following morning when a call came in from the front desk informing her she needed to leave the hotel immediately.

Londoño said she woke the man up and asked for the money but that he insulted her and only offered to pay 50,000 pesos (around $28), after which she sought help from another American - also a Secret Service agent - in a nearby room and then from a policeman.

Finally, several Secret Service agents came up with $250 to pay Londoño and she left after nearly four hours of uproar, although the woman maintains the man she slept with should have paid her the agreed price of $800.

Londoño also has worked recently as a beautician and an assistant at conferences in Cartagena, Colombia’s leading tourist destination.

She said the scandal exposed her double life, which she had kept hidden from her family, and that it will now be impossible for her to make a fresh start in her homeland.

Londoño who gave the interview in Madrid, acknowledged to one of the reporters that she was holding back some details about what happened that April night in Cartagena because she has received offers to tell her story.

The woman said she has decided to give up prostitution - which is legal in Colombia - in the wake of the scandal.

“This has cured me. I don’t plan to do it anymore. That part of my life died,” she said.