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Latino Daily News

Sunday June 1, 2014

Colombian Police Arrest 46 Members of Los Rastrojos Crime Gang

Colombian Police Arrest 46 Members of Los Rastrojos Crime Gang

Photo: Arrest in Latin America

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Colombian police arrested 46 suspected members de the Los Rastrojos gang accused of extortion and drug dealing in the northern province of Atlantico, President Juan Manuel Santos said.

Santos congratulated National Police chief Gen. Rodolfo Palomino for the operation, saying it was “one of the biggest blows in the past 10 years against criminal gangs involved in extortion and the microtrafficking” of cocaine and other drugs.

Among the 48 arrested were two kingpins of organized crime in the city of Barranquilla and several villages of Atlantico province: Bonangel Madel Nuñez and Oscar Junior Navarro.

“These criminals were dedicated to the extortion of storekeepers, transport companies and vendors in market squares, demanding weekly payments of between 60,000 pesos ($31) and 80,000 pesos ($42). They even attacked businesses that refused to pay with grenades,” Santos said.

Police said that the criminals used minors to deliver the drugs, which were then sold in places disguised as motorcycle repair shops and carpentry workshops.


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