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Friday December 30, 2011

Colombian Mudslide Claims Three: Two Children and Elderly Man

Colombian Mudslide Claims Three: Two Children and Elderly Man

Photo: Colombian Mudslide Claims Three: Two Children and 81-Year-Old Man

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A mudslide took the lives of two children and an elderly man on Friday in a rural area of the west-central province of Caldas, bringing to 185 the number of people killed in the current rainy season, the Colombian Red Cross said.

The victims were living in a peasant dwelling that was buried under the mudslide, CRC executive Cesar Urueña told Efe.

The tragedy occurred in Jardines, a mountain hamlet in Caldas, which has been one of the 11 provinces hit hardest by the rainy season that began in September.

Urueña said that the two children ages 6 and 11 and an 81-year-old man were fatally buried under the mudslide, but that the mother of the youngsters survived with injuries.

The CRC executive said that with these three fatalities the number of deaths in rain-related incidents since Sept. 1 has risen to 185.

Most of the deaths - 135 - were caused by mudslides, while the other 40 were drowned in floods.

At the same time, 138 people were injured and 22 are missing.

Colombia’s weather service expects the rains to start winding down next month.