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Latino Daily News

Saturday April 12, 2014

Colombian Mayor Killed by Ex-Husband

Colombian Mayor Killed by Ex-Husband

Photo: Marisol Manrique

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The mayor of the central Colombian municipality of Norcasia was fatally shot by her former husband, who then killed himself, authorities said Friday.

Marisol Manrique, 30, was shot Thursday night and died hours later at a clinic in the neighboring town of La Dorada, the police commander in Caldas province, Col. David Benavides, said.

Benavides identified the mayor’s ex-husband, Leonardo Grisales, as the shooter, and said the killer subsequently took his own life.

“It’s a tragedy that plunges the inhabitants of Norcasia and the Caldas people into mourning,” provincial Gov. Julian Gutierrez told reporters.

Manrique, who leaves behind two young daughters, was elected mayor of Norcasia in 2011.

Officials at Manrique’s office in Norcasia, a town of roughly 6,500 people, told Efe they knew nothing about the circumstances that led up to the fatal shooting.

Investigators suggested Grisales acted out of unhappiness about his divorce from Manrique.


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