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Latino Daily News

Wednesday October 12, 2011

Colombian Halloween Thief “Caramelo” Caught (VIDEO)

Colombian Halloween Thief “Caramelo” Caught (VIDEO)

Photo: Colombian Halloween Thief

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A Colombian thief labeled “Caramelo” who only operated in the month of October, stealing the Halloween candy stock of South Bogotá corner stores has finally been caught.

The 22 year old, “Caramelo” had become the terror of Halloween, and not because of his scary costumes, but because his delinquent sweet tooth.

“Caramelo” got caught as he tried to break through the fence of the corner drugstore he had just robbed. Neighbors heard glass shattering and called the police, who got to the scene before the candy burglar could escape.

“Caramelo” was arrested and admitted to have hit many stores during the Halloween season. At the time of his arrest he had about $70 dollars worth of candy on him.