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Latino Daily News

Tuesday March 29, 2011

Colombian Funeral Procession Takes Deceased to the Stadium (VIDEO)

Colombian Funeral Procession Takes Deceased to the Stadium  (VIDEO)

Photo: Cucuta Fans Sneak Corpse To Soccer Stadium

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“I agreed to let his friends take my son in his coffin, because that was his last wish,” Explained Yamile, the mother of a young man whose body was taken for one last game last weekend.

The body of a 16 year old youth murdered last Friday on the east of Colombia’s Cucuta, rested in peace at the funeral home for under an hour.

About a half hour into the soccer game between Cúcuta and Envigado, a funeral procession of no less than 200 people led by Yamile arrived at the stadium, but police refused to let them in.

“We walked around the outside of the stadium, but when we tried to go in, police wouldn’t let us in; we decided to take the door down, so we kicked the fence, and finally a friend got his hand in, and opened it,” said Johan Ramírez, leader of a local fan club or ‘barra brava,’ sheding some light on how the mob entered the coffin to the stadium.

  As the avalanche of fans passed around the coffin chanting and crying, the Cucúta team scored the goal that tied the game, “it was like Alex gave his team the strength to tie” said /Julio, another ‘barra brava.’

After a few minutes, the mob was asked to leave, which they did pacifically.

City officials were appalled when they later discovered the body was allowed in and are are conducting investigations.

The players were disturbed as well, “We do not understand how he was let in,” said Envigado midfielder Angle Jilmar. “We wondered if it was the fault of security.”

In a classic finger pointing contest, police says the logistics company hired for the game is to blame, while the logistics company and the stadium management say the police are solely responsible for the bizarre occurrence.