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Latino Daily News

Friday October 28, 2011

Colombian Dog Interrupts Soccer Game, Gets Own Web-Game (VIDEO)

Colombian Dog Interrupts Soccer Game, Gets Own Web-Game (VIDEO)

Photo: Soccer Game Interrupted by dog

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Earlier this week, a soccer match in Bogotá, Colombia was brought to a halt by a local canine fan that we think was just too excited the home team was winning 4-0.

On Tuesday, in Bogotá’s “El Campín” Stadium, a “Copa Suramericana” game between Colombia’s Santa Fé and Brazil’s Botafogo had local fans dancing on the bleachers, because with only 20 minutes left, Santa Fé was up 4-0.  Suddenly, an unexpected visitor made an appearance on the field, prompting referees to immediately stop the game, and players to do their best to corral the invader.

For three minutes, an adorable mutt had players and refs fumble, run and stumble trying to get him off the field, to the roaring sound of stadium goers screaming “Ole, Ole.”

Eventually the pup lost interest, and got off the field on his own.

Take a look at the video below for the exciting chase, and then play the web-game that the Brazilians created out of the hilarious episode. How long do you think you can make the “Cachorro Louco” evade players and ball boys?

Post your best results in out forums section!