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Latino Daily News

Wednesday November 16, 2011

Colombian Actor Rafael Novoa Returns to US TV in “Talismán”

Colombian Actor Rafael Novoa Returns to US TV in “Talismán”

Photo: Rafael Novoa

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Rafael Novoa is back on U.S. television screens in the new Univision telenovela “Talisman,” playing a character who is neither hero nor villain.

“Pedro is a victim of life, of circumstances; he tries to be a good human being, to do things as they should be done, but everything gets away from him,” the 41-year-old Colombian told Efe.

“Some protagonists are too perfect. I don’t like the goodie-goodies or the baddie-baddies; I like the characters who have a little of both,” Novoa, who shares the screen in “Talisman” with Blanca Soto, explained.

The point of acting, he said, is to illuminate the human condition while entertaining the public.

“That’s why it’s important, even within the fantasy, to tell real stories. I believe it’s important to transform the stories and give them more realism,” Novoa said.

Making his debut in 1995 in “Flor de oro,” the model/actor quickly became the most popular leading man in Colombian telenovelas.

While Novoa acknowledges that good looks can open doors in show business, he insists appearance is no “guarantee that you will have a career.”

“You have to demonstrate talent, you have to learn the craft,” he says. “Beauty ends, talent endures.”