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Latino Daily News

Thursday July 3, 2014

Colombia to Invest $4 Billion in Water System Upgrades

Colombia to Invest $4 Billion in Water System Upgrades

Photo: Water systems

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Colombia will invest 7.6 trillion pesos ($4 billion) over the next 10 years to improve water service for around 4.4 million people, the National Planning Department, or DNP, reported on Wednesday.

Under the plan, 1.79 million people will benefit from potable water service and 2.54 million will be provided with ways to better manage wastewater, according to a document prepared by the National Council for Economic and Social Policy.

“This decision seeks to improve the living and health conditions for the rural population, reduce the poverty gap between the urban and rural zones and continue supporting equity between the regions as a government priority,” said DNP director Tatyana Orozco in a statement.

Of the resources to be invested in the coming 10 years, 2.3 trillion pesos ($1.23 billion) will be allocated by the national government and remainder by the regional and municipal administrations.


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