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Latino Daily News

Friday June 13, 2014

Colombia Introduced to Device Used to Watch TV From Anywhere

Colombia Introduced to Device Used to Watch TV From Anywhere

Photo: Slingbox

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Slingbox, which allows people to watch their favorite television channels from anywhere in the world, was presented for the first time in Colombia.

So-called “personal streaming,” made available via Slingbox by the U.S. firm Sling Media, will be tested in the Colombian market and later will be offered in other Latin American countries.

Slingbox, which is distributed in 29 countries, is a device that can be installed on a television decoder and allows the user to see and control the programming through a mobile device or computer.

According to Juan Fernando Muñoz, the representative of AVTech, the firm tasked with the product’s regional distribution, with this device, users can “take better advantage of the television plans they have at home,” since even if they are not in their house they can follow their favorite programs “from anywhere in the world.”

With this technology, the user can call up on any screen a remote control and the programming guide so they can view the shows they want to see just as if they were at home.

The price of Slingbox is about $238, and “it will allow people to watch television on a computer,” but if the user wants to use it from a mobile device, they have to download an app called SlingPlayer for a one-time fee of $14.


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