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Latino Daily News

Wednesday November 23, 2011

Colombia: ‘FTA Will Bring New Sexual Fantasies to the Country’

Colombia: ‘FTA Will Bring New Sexual Fantasies to the Country’

Photo: The Colombian Sex-industry Gets FTA Boom

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The Colombian sex industry is looking forward to the benefits of its Free Trade Agreement with the U.S., which is set to begin next year, for it means higher quality items, for lower prices.

The current rainy season in Colombia has couples everywhere staying home rather then leaving the house, making it the perfect condition for the sex toy and fantasy industry to bloom.

And the future looks brighter for sex-shops across the nation, as next year, when the FTA kicks in, a wider variety of items will be available at much lower prices.

“Lower importing tariffs will benefit Colombian lovers, as they’ll be able to purchase more luxurious items at more economic prices, and the items that are already cheap, will see their prices reduced even lower,” said Luis Mejía, owner of a sex-shop called “Berdache”

According to Nadir Cure, owner of “Compliamor”, the items he sell most are the smaller accessories that common folk can afford.

“Our most sold items are lubricants, as well as lingerie, while men look for enhancers, orgasm retarders and flavored/textured condoms.”

“The ‘female clones’ are in great demand’ said Cristian Zúñiga owner of ‘Tienda Erótica.’ “Men come en masse to purchase these.”

Owners are looking forward to the coming year, as they expect lower prices and a wider assortment of toys will spark the curiosity of Colombians wishing to experiment in the bedroom.