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Latino Daily News

Friday September 17, 2010

Coco LoCo Latinos of the Week

It’s time to identify our CoCo LoCo Latinos of the week and we didn’t have too hard of a time finding them.  What with Lady GaGa’s gagging meat couture outfit donned at the Video Music Awards we should know Franc Fernandez - self appointed butcher to the stars - by now.  Franc provided the flak steak, sirloin tips and God knows what else to dress the Lady.  Fernandez out did himself with the butcher-string on GaGa’s Frankenstein-like booties.  Franc has confirmed that was actual meat used from his dad’s butcher shop.  Lets hope Franc doesn’t have a relative who’s an undertaker.  Yikes.

Unfortunately for those of us with taste, we had to deal with Wacko Tacko Paz de La Huerta (model, muse and actress) all week.  She is promoting her new HBO project ‘Boardwalk Empire’.  From her snake tattoos to her tranny look at Fashion Week, she was a shoo-in for CoCo LoCo.  Unfortunately she is a regular loony bird so you will be seeing her again.

Finally, we have former Mexican President Vicente Fox chillin’ with YouTube sensation the Gregory Brothers, asking them to make him more of a celebrity.  Clearly Foxy Fox hasn’t noticed Mexico has been in the news a lot lately.  He was overheard saying “I wish I were still president of Mexico, because you would write a song about me and I could be famous.”  Foxy Fox what do you think that would be ‘La Cucaracha’?????