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Latino Daily News

Thursday August 16, 2012

Cocaine ‘Treasure’ Found in Protected Island of Culebra, Puerto Rico

Cocaine ‘Treasure’ Found in Protected Island of Culebra, Puerto Rico

Photo: Cocaine Treasure Found in Puerto Rico

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Federal and state law enforcement agencies in Puerto Rico recently uncovered a “hidden treasure” consisting of approximately 18 pounds of bricked cocaine buried in an area protected by Fish and Wild Life Reserve at the Municipal Island of Culebra, Puerto Rico.

The hidden contraband allegedly was buried there several years before, after it washed up on the small island of Culebra. It is alleged that an unknown individual found and hid the contraband as far back as seven-years ago. Supposedly, he told a friend, Rodney Hyden, 54, of the buried “treasure” and Hyden began seeking help to transport it from Puerto Rico to Florida.

On an undercover operation that began in early June in Jacksonville, Florida, federal and state agencies worked together to find and seize the drugs.

Last week federal agents and authorities from Puerto Rico, using maps provided by Hyden, discovered the location of the drugs and unearthed a bag containing approximately 18 pounds of bricked cocaine. CBP Officers seized the drug and turned it over to Homeland Security Investigation agents for continuation of the investigation.

Hyden was arrested on Friday in St. Augustine, Florida, after he attempted to receive the contraband from undercover agents.