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Latino Daily News

Tuesday May 10, 2011

Coca-Cola Turns Traffic Jam in Colombia Into Drive-In Cinema (VIDEO)

Coca-Cola Turns Traffic Jam in Colombia Into Drive-In Cinema (VIDEO)

Photo: Coca-Cola's Drive-In in Bogotá

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Coca-Cola turns traffic jam in Colombia into a drive-in cinema. The soda-pop giant launched this ingenious initiative on the eve of their 125th anniversary.

In average, Bogotá commuters spend 4 daily hours stuck in traffic. The infernal rush hour traffic jams are the result of unfinished constructions on main avenues, as well as on the rapid transit system—Transmilenio, which has seen work on its expansion come to a halt, due to irregularities in the handling of funds, and corrupt contractors.

Coca-Cola, wishing to celebrate their 125th anniversary by turning upside down the city’s commuters frown, decided to turn the daily traffic jam, into the largest ever drive-in cinema.

A screen installed on the sidewalk broadcasts an endless cycle of “Filminutes,” while ads, encourage users to tune in to a local FM station for audio. Pedestrian ‘ushers’ dish out small bottles of Coke, pop-corn and other concession stand goodies while you sit in your car in rush hour traffic.

Watch the video below, and send it to your local alderman, wouldn’t it be just great if your city would follow suit?