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Latino Daily News

Wednesday February 27, 2013

Coast Guard Cancels Search for Family Lost at Sea Amid Hoax Suspicions

Coast Guard Cancels Search for Family Lost at Sea Amid Hoax Suspicions

Photo: U.S. Coast Guard

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The search for a family reportedly lost at sea was called off Tuesday by the Coast Guard for reasons that the calls could have been a hoax.

Two adults and two children, ages 4 and 8, were reportedly on board a 29-foot sailboat that sank during rough waters near the central California coast, reports The Christian Science Monitor.

After 48 hours of non-stop search, the Coast Guard did not find any signs of distress or any debris of the boat and called off their search.

CNN reports Cmdr. Don Montoro saying about the incident, “[Coast Guard investigators will] prosecute it and investigate it to the best of their ability. We’re not investigating it directly as a hoax, but we are pursuing every avenue. It’s certainly a possibility.”

The boat, thought to be named “Charmblow,” had no working navigation system. In order to make their distress call, investigators say they could have used a radio.

The call was tracked down to be about 60 miles west from Monterey and an hour later another call was made stating the family had to abandon the boat.

Coast Guard Lt. Heather Lampert said that there were no signs such as giggling or laughter to indicate that the call was a hoax, but they did however sound calm.