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Latino Daily News

Wednesday August 4, 2010

CNN Poll:  24% of Hispanics Support SB 1070

A CNN/Opinion Research Corporation Poll reports that 24% of the Hispanics questioned support the new Arizona SB 1070 law. 71% of Hispanics polled are opposed to the bill while white respondents responded 61% in support of bill with 34% opposed.

SB 1070

Hispanics     in favor   24%                  opposed   71%
Whites           in favor   61%                  opposed   34%

Generational divide

Hispanics 50 years and older     in favor 45%   
Hispanics younger than 50         in favor 17%

Gender divide

Hispanic Women                   in favor 19%
Hispanic Men                         in favor 28%

Will SB 1070 be effective?

Hispanics who feel law will work   35%
Whites who feel law will work       50%

Will SB 1070 increase discrimination against Hispanics?

Hispanics who feel it will increase discrimination   74%
Whites who feel it will increase discrimination       49%

*The surveys overall sampling error is a plus or minus of 3 percentage points



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